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US Trade Consult, LLC is an Austin, Texas based consulting firm and leading entry point for trade and investment in the United States. We have the business, government and investor contacts you need for fast, efficient and cost-effective business development.

Led by economic development professionals, trade consultants and industry experts, we are the connective tissue to doing business in the US. We serve the international trade community, SME’s, start-ups, government entities and investors.



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Small and medium-sized companies lack the know-how, resources and contact networks to execute business expansion activities in the US. They often follow a conventional “soft landing” approach that lacks direction, speed and scalability.

US Trade Consult provides a “hit the ground running” solution that accelerates due diligence, partnering, market entry, business development and sales deployment. Our vast contact network and established ecosystems across the US provide faster access to US markets and scalability.

"Nothing happens until a sale is made."

Thomas Watson, Sr. President of IBM,1914 – 1956

US Trade Consult, LLC is the connective tissue to business development in the US. We serve the international trade community, startups, government entities and investors by accelerating US market entry, economic development and international trade.

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